60 MIN.

Musical comedy for young audiences. A group of young people arrive at the summer camp to spend the best summer of their lives

Basakabi is a strict summer camp in hands of an old-fashioned director. Every year, young people arrive there to spend the best summer of their lives.
During several weeks they will discover love, betrayal, friendship… And they will do everything with the help of music.

Go!azen is a musical series that is considered a trendsetter in the Basque public television (ETB1). Designed for an audience from 4 to 12 years old, the series has gathered parents and children in front of the television to watch this programme. It has become a social phenomena with the help of an APP with exclusive and interactive content, a play that goes through different towns and cities and a whole assortment of merchandising.

Because Go!azen not only is a musical series, it’s also something else.